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POTENTIAL - Patented for Learning

Potential multivitamin is state-of-the-art nutrition patented for "learning, academic performance and behavior."  (#7,771,756)

Exceptionally clean, balanced nutrition supports healthy brain function to optimize mood, memory, attention and cognitive clarity.

Used clinically and by thousands of US children daily since 2004.

Potential kids vitamin is patented for learning, academic performance and behavior

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Produce to Buy Organic vs Conventional

Produce to Buy Organic vs Conventional

The Environmental Working Group has pioneered the "Dirty Dozen" list of fruits and vegetables that are susceptible to retaining environmental chemi...
9 Reasons to Take Potential

9 Reasons to Take Potential

1.     First & Only Vitamin Patented to “Enhance Learning, Academic Performance & Behavioral Functioning”* 2.     Antioxidant Power From Su...

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What to do When You Can't Sleep

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How "Old" Are You (Inside)?

How "Old" Are You (Inside)?

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