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InSight for Positive Mood, Attitude & Cognitive Support, 60 V. Caps

InSight for Positive Mood, Attitude & Cognitive Support, 60 V. Caps

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Has a recent change in your family, job, economics or just the seasonal change itself left you feeling down, sluggish and less energized? Don't worry, this is more common than you think. 

Lift Your Spirits, Outlook & Attitude
InSight has helped people to feel happier, more resilient and able to meet life's emotional challenges with its synergistic blend of B Vitamins combined with amino acids, botanical co-factors, high flavonoid extracts of unroasted cocoa nibs plus other natural botanicals that support and promote relaxation, a healthy attitude & positive mood -- essential for healthy mental balance & emotional well-being.

InSight is Great for . . .

  • Calming emotional or seasonal stress (winter blues)
  • Defeating mental barriers, or reaching a challenging goal
  • Handling the shock of unexpected change like a lost job, relationship, loved one or other difficult life change
  • Managing comfort zone fears like public speaking, going on a date, interviewing for a job.
  • Staying cool under pressure
  • Enhancing an athlete's competitive mental edge
  • Supporting caregivers
  • Managing the emotional component of chronic pain

InSight Supplement Facts

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