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How "Old" Are You (Inside)?

Vitamin K2 supports cardiovascular health by activating proteins that help to keep arteries flexible by regulating calcification of blood vessels, like the aorta.
A test has recently been developed to determine the level of a person's aortic stiffness. Aortic stiffness is a predictor for risk of heart disease, stroke and dementia, and has been linked to inadequate dietary intakes, specifically of Vitamin K2, as substantiated in population and clinical studies.
Here is a list of some of the studies that address aortic stiffness:
  • Increased Arterial Stiffness is Superior to Blood Pressure in Predicting Cognitive Decline in Healthy Adults read
  • Signs Of Cognitive Decline And Alzheimer’s Can Be Detected In Younger Adults - A new study found a link between increased aortic stiffness and early signs of brain injury, which can potentially lead to Alzheimer’s disease, in healthy, middle-aged adults. read
  • Stiffening of the arteries detected in multi-ethnic study of young adults read
  • Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity: An Independent Marker of Cardiovascular Risk read
  • Diabetes mellitus, aortic stiffness, and cardiovascular mortality in end-stage renal disease. read
  • Arterial Stiffness is a Cause of Cognitive Decline and Dementia read
  • Aortic pulse wave velocity and reflecting distance estimation from peripheral waveforms in humans: detection of age- and exercise training-related differences read
  • Short-Term Aerobic Exercise Reduces Arterial Stiffness in Older Adults With Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, and Hypercholesterolemia read
  • Prognostic Value of Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity as Index of Arterial Stiffness in the General Population read
  • Arterial stiffness: a new surrogate end point for cardiovascular disease? read
  • Wave reflection and arterial stiffness in the prediction of 15-year all-cause and cardiovascular mortalities: a community-based study read
  • Reflection Magnitude as a Predictor of Mortality read
  • Vascular Stiffness: Its Measurement and Significance for Epidemiologic and Outcome Studies read
  • Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity as a Marker of Cardiovascular Risk in Hypertensive Patients read
  • Prediction of cardiovascular events and all-cause mortality with central haemodynamics: a systematic review and meta-analysis read
  • The effects of dietary and nutrient interventions on arterial stiffness: a systematic review read
  • People who eat high protein foods have lower blood pressure and arterial stiffness read
  • Protective effect of chronic garlic intake on elastic properties of aorta in the elderly read
  • Chronic coffee consumption has a detrimental effect on aortic stiffness and wave reflections read
  • Postprandial effect of dietary fat quantity and quality on arterial stiffness and wave reflection: a randomised controlled trial read
  • Vitamin D Status Is Associated With Arterial Stiffness and Vascular Dysfunction in Healthy Humans read

You can find Vitamin K2 in Potential multi-vitamin.

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