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About NovaNutrients

NovaNutrients is located just outside of Portland, Oregon in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Our mission is to offer consumers the opportunity to buy advanced therapeutic formulations at affordable prices, in manageable and realistic doses. We don't expect people to swallow 6 capsules daily because we know it isn't realistic.

Our scientists and physicians have spent decades in clinical practice, conducting scientific research and developing specialized therapeutic dietary supplements, which is why you won't find commodity products that you can buy at grocery stores and discount vitamin retailers.  NovaNutrients offers strictly uniquely formulated therapeutic dietary supplements for optimal health.

Less is More

Fewer additives mean greater purity. NovaNutrients products do not contain: added yeast, wheat, corn, egg, soy, dairy, gluten, sugar, lactose, animal products, artificial colors, artificial flavors, salt, starch, MSG, trans fatty acids or preservatives. We do not add unnecessary and potentially allergenic fillers or manufacturing aids.

Whenever possible, our products are encapsulated in vegetarian, SLS-free gelatin capsules for purity.

Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)

Our supplements are manufactured in strictly controlled and regulated manufacturing facilities that are Food and Drug Administration and Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) compliant.

We know precisely what goes into our products and, most importantly, we know what is in each capsule, tablet or lozenge. Our facility offer full scale Quality Assurance Team and Quality Control Manager to monitor every production run.

Premium Quality Ingredients & Product Freshness

We purchase only the highest quality ingredients from reputable manufacturers as one important component of our Quality Assurance policy. Another critical component is the length of time it takes a product to get from manufacturing to you. This is why we schedule our manufacturing runs more frequently even though this takes more time and effort, because it ensures that the product you receive is fresh and at its peak quality.

Nature's Variation

Change is inevitable. The natural botanical ingredients we use may vary from batch to batch, in appearance, color, taste and aroma just as plants vary in our outdoor environment. These differences do not necessarily affect the integrity of the ingredient; they are just a part of the cycle of nature.

Sustainability & the Environment

We care about what goes into your body just as much as we care about what goes into the environment. The materials we use in packaging and shipping your product are biologically degradable, recyclable and can be disposed without adversely affecting the environment. We make regular donations to ecologically responsible organizations and support recycling at our headquarters and in our lives.

Minimizing our carbon footprint is very important to us. That is why we keep our supply chain simple and maintain a healthy balance between production needs and profitability. Our goal is to be mindful of sustainability when we enhance product quality while minimizing natural resource use.

NovaNutrients offers unique, evidence-based dietary supplements designed from a foundation of solid science and clinical experience - engineered nutrition for results.


About Dr. Jerry Schlesser - Founder

NovaNutrients was founded by Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Jerry Schlesser, who has dedicated 35 years of professional experience researching, designing and producing clinical dietary supplements for the integrative medical community.