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e-Factor Brain Supplement for Cognitive Function, Memory & Mood, 14

e-Factor Brain Supplement for Cognitive Function, Memory & Mood, 14 Servings

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Supports Memory, Brain Function, Mood and Mental Energy

Low calorie, Non-Fat, Vegan with No Sugar. Factor brain support supplement is low calorie, non-fat, vegan, has no added sugar and contains probiotics, magnesium and plant-based antioxidants that are used to optimize your mental performance and physical well-being.

The Brain Function Supplement You’ve Been Looking For.  e-Factor is a revolutionary cognitive support formula that provides the nutritional equivalent of more than 30 tablets/capsules in just easy to take drink.

  • very low calorie at only 15 calories per scoop
  • vegan
  • non-fat
  • has no added sugar
  • low sodium
  • low net-carb
  • good source of Non-GMO vegan protein, calcium & fiber
  • excellent source of magnesium
  • includes probiotics & digestive enzymes
  • plant-based antioxidants to optimize human performance
  • NO gluten, soy, eggs, lactose, casein

e-Factor Supplement Facts

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