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InSight HT for Relaxation, Mood, Stress Management & Relaxation, 60

InSight HT for Relaxation, Mood, Stress Management & Relaxation, 60 V.Caps

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InSight HT is a Mood Management Supplement to Help Better Manage Stress
Does your mind "replay" scenarios, constantly remind you of your "to do" list or has difficulty changing topics? You're NOT alone - InSight HT can help! InSight HT has been the choice of physicians for over a decade to help people calm and quiet mental behavior that can fuel anxiousness and stress.

InSight HT calming supplement combats, soothes and calms recurring thoughts, as well as relaxes a racing mind that won't rest and quiets emotions that create high tension and disrupt healthy emotional balance. InSight HT (High Tension) includes all the beneficial ingredients you'll find in our mood/attitude support product - InSight, plus additional vitamins that help with stress and anxiety to support better mood management skills during times of high tension.

Best of all, you don't need to wait days or weeks to notice a change.

Featuring Cocoa Flavonoids plus  Plant-Based Vitamins to Support Better Mood Management

InSight HT is great for:

  • Type "A" on-the-go people who have difficulty winding down & relaxing
  • Anyone who feels debilitated by stress, emotional fatigue or physical stress
  • People who tend to worry
  • When you have difficulty shutting off thoughts or worries that "replay" in your head
  • Individuals pressured by deadlines and heavy workloads
  • Anyone who needs an emotional boost to cope with chronic pain
  • Relaxation before a massage, acupuncture treatment, yoga or other therapy
  • When you're too energized to sleep
  • When you have had too much caffeine
  • Preparing for a restful night
  • Competitive athletes in intensive training who have trouble winding down after workouts

InSight HT Supplement Facts

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