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9 Reasons to Take Potential

1.     First & Only Vitamin Patented to “Enhance Learning, Academic Performance & Behavioral Functioning”*

2.     Antioxidant Power From Super Fruits & Berries* - Potential contains high ORAC superfruits and berries combined with Lipoic-Carotenoid Complex with Tocotrienols and Rice Bran Extract that provide important antioxidants to support optimal brain function.

3.     The Most Comprehensive Testing for Purity* - Potential has been subjected to a rigorous panel of over 930 tests for commonly used agricultural pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, endocrine disruptors, drugs & caffeine.  This is currently the most comprehensive Food Safety Testing Protocol, which we think is critical for a Brain Support Supplement.  Potential is additionally tested for heavy metals and microbial contaminants to provide clean, dietary supplementation for healthy minds and bodies.

4.     Vitamin K-2 for Healthy Bones* - The latest scientific research shows that healthy bone density later in life begins in childhood and that there is a link between Vitamin K-2 (Menaquinone-7) and healthy bone density; however Vitamin K-2 (Menaquinone-7) isn’t generally available in the American diet.  So we’ve included this important form of Vitamin K at the dose reported in published clinical trials to support healthy bone density.

5.     What’s Not in Potential* - Mass market vitamins contain many undesirable ingredients including artificial colors, preservatives and potential allergens.  We designed Potential as a source of high quality nutrition for sensitive and quality conscious individuals.  See our list of what’s not in Potential and compare to others. 

6.     Sweetened By Nature Not By Chemicals* - Artificial and chemical sweeteners can impact brain function, which is why Potential is naturally sweetened with wholesome fruits, berries, monkfruit and stevia leaf extract.

7.     Full Spectrum Vitamins & Minerals for Complete Supplementation* - Full spectrum vitamins and minerals provide “active” forms of important nutrients for a metabolic “head start” so the body doesn’t need to make the conversion.

8.     All-Natural Vitamin E & Not Synthetic Vitamin Forms* - Research on the body’s use and effects of synthetic Vitamin E is inconclusive and yet the cheaper, synthetic form is most commonly used in mass market vitamins. We opt for natural full spectrum Vitamin E for optimal benefit.

9.     Physician-Designed Based on 35 Years of Experience - Potential is scientifically designed and patented to enhance learning, academic and behavioral performance -- formulated  for results, not for marketing hype. 

Valued by Educators & Parents - go to for videos.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. *Potential is not intended as a treatment for ADD/ADHD or to replace any prescribed medications for ADD/ADHD.

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