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PEMF-LLLT Combination Pad

PEMF-LLLT Combination Pad

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FDA-Registered & Approved Class II Medical Device

Combines the benefits of Red & Infrared light with Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy, recognized for its powerful approach to pain management.

For sports and everyday life, this one of a kind combination of PEMF with Red and Infrared light gets you up and moving for life! Try it and feel the difference.

This is the most generously sized pad for larger areas that need more light.  Wraps completely around lower back, upper back, legs, arms, etc.

  • X3 subtle PEMF bar coils
  • 176 Red & Infrared LEDs
  • Eyelets for Velcro easy body placement
  • Flexible wrap around
  • 16” Length 8 ½ “ Width

Recommended Controller(s):  1 Port, 3 Port, 6 Port