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Deep, Restful Sleep & Relaxed, Refreshed Awakening
Not only can Z-Caps help you get to sleep, this formula also calms the mind so that you don’t review your “to do” list or other scenarios repeatedly…common subconscious behavior that can keep you from resting deeply. Stay asleep with fewer interruptions for a truly peaceful night's rest so that you can wake up relaxed and refreshed.

Sleeplessness is Up When the Economy is Down*
According to an annual poll by National Sleep Foundation almost one third of Americans are unable to get a good night's sleep, as they worry about the economy, money, and jobs. Those who report sleep problems has increased. Almost 3/4 of our population gets less than the recommended 8 hours of sleep.

Sleep disturbed Americans also report that they are twice as likely not to participate in family events & leisure activities because of sleepiness.

If this sounds like you, try Z-Caps 1 hour before bedtime.

Feeling Dissatisfied With Life May Be Tied to Your Sleep Quality*
People who have a tough time getting a good night's rest are more likely to become dissatisfied with their lives later on, according to a study in Finland. Researchers are looking at the relationship between well-being and mental functioning with sleep quality. The study evaluated over 18000 people.

American Journal of Epidemiology, January 15, 2009, as reported on the NIH website.

Insomnia Tied to Impulsive - Reactive Behavior*
According to NIH research, researchers have linked insomnia to impulsive and reactive behavior reporting that insomnia "basically lowers the threshold for impulsive behavior and for being reactive to an emotional event."

Deficits in Cognitive Performance*
According to the US Dept of Health & Human Services, National Institutes of Health, a study on sleep deprivation found that people who slept 4-6 hours a night for 14 consecutive nights showed significant deficits in cognitive performance equivalent to going without sleep for up to three days in a row. People reported feeling only slightly sleepy, but were completely unaware of how impaired they really were.

Impairment included a reduced ability to pay attention and react to a stimulus, such as driving, the ability to think quickly and not make mistakes and the ability to multi-task.

Mothers Need More Sleep*
A US Study of mothers found 54% of respondents said they didn't get enough sleep.

  • Fulltime working mothers suffered the most
  • 59% said they were not getting enough sleep at <6 hours per night
  • 52% believe that getting more sleep would make them better parents
  • 65% said it would make them happier

Stressed, Tired & Unrefreshed*
From a National Sleep Foundation survey:

  • 74% of Americans do not get enough sleep
  • Most people feel groggy during the week
  • 51% of adults say they have trouble getting to sleep
  • 50% of all Americans cannot get up without an alarm clock
  • Alarm clocks interrupt the sleep cycle, causing lack of energy & feeling unrefreshed
  • People with sleep problems are twice as likely to feel stressed & tired
  • 30-40% of heavy truck accidents are due to driver fatigue

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.