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List of what you won't find in Celestia

Celestia replaces at least 10 different products women typically choose to support youthfulness and natural hormonal balance in an easy-to-swallow, SLS-Free vegetarian capsule. Celestia delivers targeted support to manage hot flashes, hormonal balance, bone density, breast & cardiovascular health with pleasing and noticeable results quickly - for some as fast as just 1-2 weeks.

Temperature Control*
Sudden temperature change is a common complaint, so we’ve included Pueraria standardized to Mirestrol as well as 2 different forms of Hops to stabilize your body temperature so that you can feel more confident and comfortable.

Breast & Cholesterol Support*
Women concerned about breast health will appreciate that Celestia contains a unique soy peptide--Lunasin--which offers not only breast health support, but also helps maintain healthy cholesterol already in the normal range.

Bone Density Support*
Researchers found that Natural Vitamin K2 (MK-7) is linked to improved bone density in women. Not only is this form of Natural Vitamin K2 particularly beneficial for healthy bones, scientists have shown it to be beneficial for heart health.

NovaNutrients' parent company worked with a preeminent laboratory to develop the scientific laboratory standard used to identify real and pure MK-7 in Vitamin K2.  Only qualified, laboratory-certified MK-7 is used in Celestia. This is the beneficial form studied in published scientific literature. It is the preferred form of Vitamin K2 because it stays in the body longer, offering you long lasting support.

Bone density researchers indicates that 45 mcg/day provides healthy bone density support. Celestia provides 65 mcg of certified MK-7 in just 2 capsules.

Healthy Estrogen Balance*
Hops provide specialized flavonoids for healthy estrogen balance which help maintain hormonal equilibrium. Celestia include two different forms of Hops extracts: "Hops standardized to flavonoids" & "Hops reduced iso alpha acids" for healthy estrogen balance and breast health support.

HMR Lignan works with Genistein to enhance its impact on supporting healthy estrogen balance, breast health & hot flash control. In fact, HMR Lignan is commonly sold by itself specifically for hot flashes.

Healthy Circulation*
Resveratrol has been in the news often because of its superior value as an antioxidant. Resveratrol not only functions as a valuable antioxidant but also supports healthy thyroid function and circulation.

Inflammation Control*
Celestia contains Boswellia, also known as "Frankincense," which helps to maintain healthy inflammatory regulation. This is very important because inflammation affects the entire body, the brain, the circulatory system, muscles, skin and more.

Prescription Strength Black Cohosh From Germany*
Celestia contains the very same pharmaceutical Black Cohosh from Germany that was used in most of the relevant clinical studies.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.