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Potential's History

What is Potential?

Potential is a physician-designed chewable multi-vitamin containing high ORAC concentrated extracts from fresh, wholesome berries and fruits combined with specialized forms of vitamins and minerals. Potential does NOT contain sucrose, fructose, artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors or preservatives and was originally designed to support optimal brain function in school-age children. Potential was reviewed by pediatricians and administered under university supervision as part of a study to evaluate the impact of nutrition on academic performance, learning and behavior in US school children.

At the Beginning of the Study

The study began with over 200 children at Anthony Elementary, a failing K-5 school in Leavenworth, Kansas:

  • Anthony never met any standardized testing benchmarks
  • Police were called to Anthony to manage out of control kids an average of once a week
  • Anthony’s violence statistics were 9 times the state average
  • Anthony experienced high rates of absenteeism for both teachers & students
  • Virtually no parent involvement - PTA abandoned years ago for lack of participation

At the End of the Study

  • Anthony EXCEEDED standardized testing benchmarks by 10 years into the future
  • Tested #1 in the district in Math
  • Tested #2 in the district in English
  • 97% reduction in office referrals for disciplinary problems
  • Absenteeism declined for students & teachers
  • PTA revived after 10 years of abandonment 85% parent participation rates
  • Transformed from chaotic to quiet learning environment
  • Awarded recognition as a “Top School” by the Confidence in Education Task Force
  • Moved from the bottom to the top 6% of schools in the district
  • Anthony won awards for excellence from Governor Kathleen Sebelius
  • PBS aired a documentary called “How to Turn Around a Failing School” based on the Anthony study

Control School in Comparison

  • Academic performance continued to decline in the control school
  • Violence statistics and behavior did not improve in the control school
  • Control school fell to last place in the district in Math and English
  • Control school instituted the Potential supplementation program in the next academic year


Such dramatic turnaround in so short a time can be suspicious. In fact, faculty at Anthony Elementary were initially accused of influencing the results. In the years that followed, the kids’ stellar academic performance and model student behavior proved the skeptics wrong. The program expanded throughout the district and to other districts in the State of Kansas.

Patent Awarded in 2010

Potential was award a patent in 2010 for “a nutritional supplement to enhance learning, academic performance and behavioral functioning.” 

Make a Change Today. Make a Difference Tomorrow.



*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Potential is not intended as a treatment for ADD/ADHD or to replace any prescribed medications for ADD/ADHD.

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