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  InSight HT for Relaxation, Mood & Stress Management
InSight HT - Vitamins that Help Anxiety | Mind Calming Supplements

InSight HT for Relaxation, Mood & Stress Management
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InSight HT - Survive Stress with a Smile and LOVE HOW YOU FEELĀ®

A Mood Management Supplement with Vitamins that Helps You Manage Stress

Does your mind "replay" scenarios, constantly remind you of your "to do" list and has difficulty changing topics? You're NOT alone - InSight HT can help! InSight HT has been the choice of physicians for over a decade to help people calm and quiet mental behavior that can fuel anxiousness and stress.

InSight HT calming supplement combats, soothes and calms recurring thoughts, as well as relaxes a racing mind that won't rest and quiets emotions that create high tension and disrupt healthy emotional balance. InSight HT (for High Tension) includes all the beneficial ingredients you'll find in our mood/attitude support product - InSight Natural, plus additional vitamins that help with stress and anxiety to support better mood management skills during times of high tension. Best of all, you don't need to wait days or weeks to notice a change.

InSight HT features Cocoa Flavonoids plus plant-based vitamins that help anxiety:

5-HTP: an amino acid from the Griffonia seed that supports healthy serotonin metabolism - important in regulating, balancing and enhancing mood, behavior, appetite control, thought and sleep patterns. People report feeling more composed, poised, receptive and generally balanced. 5-HTP helps promote relaxation, calm, greater appetite control, and helps support a more positive mood.

L-Theanine: an amino acid from Green Tea that promotes non-drowsy relaxation, restfulness and gently soothes nervousness. People report that Theanine diminishes restlessness, irritability and takes "the edge" off that comes with overwork, fatigue and emotional stress.

Vinpocetine: an antioxidant for the brain derived from the periwinkle plant that helps increase the transport of oxygen and vital nutrients to the brain for healthy neurotransmitter production. Scientific research confirms that Vinpocetine also functions as a natural neuroprotective nutrient. Healthy oxygenation can inspire feelings of well-being and emotional stability.

InSight HT is for:

  • Type "A" on-the-go people who have difficulty winding down & relaxing
  • Anyone who feels debilitated by stress, emotional fatigue or physical stress
  • People who tend to worry
  • When you have difficulty shutting off thoughts or worries that "replay" in your head
  • Individuals pressured by deadlines and heavy workloads
  • Anyone who needs an emotional boost to cope with chronic pain
  • Relaxation before a massage, acupuncture treatment, yoga or other therapy
  • When you're too energized to sleep
  • When you have had too much caffeine
  • Preparing for a restful night
  • Competitive athletes in intensive training who have trouble winding down after workouts

InSight HT is encapsulated in pure vegetarian capsules that are free of sodium lauryl sulfate.

InSight HT Takes the Edge Off

InSight HT mind & mood support supplement contains a synergistic blend of natural ingredients that help take off the edge that stress creates so that you can manage stress in a healthier and more efficient way.

Cocoa Flavonoids Provide Beneficial Antioxidants for the Brain*

InSight HT's Cocoa-Almond Flavonoid base provides natural antioxidants for the brain which promote feelings of well-being, comfort and happiness. We use the unroasted cocoa nibs because they contain beneficial antioxidants known to support mental well-being and brain health - cocoa flavonoids such as catechin and epicatechin act as neuroprotective agents in the brain and function as important antioxidants to combat the negative effects of free radicals. You won't find these beneficial antioxidants in chocolate because the chocolate making process involves roasting and fermentation, which destroys vital flavonoids.

Athletes find InSight HT is an excellent way to support intensive training and competition where focus and emotional control is required. This calming supplement, taken later in the day, also helps the body to relax for more restful and refreshing sleep.

Dietary Flavonoids & Memory, Learning & Cognitive Performance*

Emerging evidence suggests that dietary flavonoids have the potential to improve human memory and neurocognitive performance via their ability to protect neurons, enhance neuronal function and stimulate neuronal regeneration. Read more:

  • Consumption of cocoa flavanols results in acute improvements in mood and cognitive performance during sustained mental effort
  • Food for Thought: the role of dietary flavonoids in enhancing human memory, learning and neurocognitive performance

Well-Being, Cognitive Clarity & Neuroprotective Function*

Vinpocetine is an antioxidant for the brain. Scientific research confirms that Vinpocetine supports healthy brain blood flow and oxygenatation, serving also as a natural neuroprotective nutrient. In this capacity, Vinpocetine's oxygenation effect supports feelings of well-being, relaxation, cognitive clarity and memory.

Relaxes & Protects the Brain*

L-Theanine is a unique amino acid that occurs naturally in green tea that also supports relaxation. L-Theanine has been shown to increase glutathione levels which may also explain its neuroprotective effect on the brain and has a positive effect on brain dopamine, which supports feelings of emotional well-being and natural mental relaxation.

5-HTP & Emotional Balance*

5-HTP is an important antioxidant that supports serotonin pathways in the brain that help to maintain healthy emotional balance, promote relaxation, calm, appetite control, and support a more positive mood. 5-HTP is also a potent free radical scavenger, more effective than Melatonin or Vitamin C against free radicals. Because 5-HTP affects melatonin synthesis, people find that when they take InSight HT, they sleep better. So in addition to feeling more emotionally balanced, people are more rested from better quality sleep, helping them manage stress and cope better.

Trouble Sleeping?

If your body wants rest but your mind won't stop, try taking InSight HT around dinner time to help prepare yourself for relaxation and rest. People report failing sleep easier and experiencing a more restful sleep without anxious, racing and recurring thoughts that can leave you feeling exhausted in the morning. If sleep is your primary objective, try Z-Caps, our comprehensive formula that focuses specifically on deep, restful sleep.

Stress Affects Your Health & Your Ability to Cope

According to the American Psychological Association, Stress in America 2008, more people are reporting physical and emotional symptoms due to stress including fatigue, irritability, anger, lying awake at night, lack of interest or motivation, feeling depressed or sad, headaches, muscle tension and detrimental coping behaviors like over-eating, relying on alcohol or drugs and more.

Relax So that You Can Be More Productive

"Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop." - Ovid, (43 BC - 17 AD)

NOTE: People who are allergic to almonds, chocolate, citrus or pineapple, or are taking Monoamine Oxidase (MAO) inhibitors or other OTC or prescription drugs should not take InSight Natural or InSight HT unless recommended by a physician.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

  • Contains cocoa flavonoids -- beneficial for brain health & mood
  • Also contains plant-based Vinpocetine (from the periwinkle plant), L-Theanine (from green tea) and 5HTP (from griffonia seed) to relax, calm and focus your mind
  • Supports healthy brain oxygenation for clear thinking
  • Supports healthy mental equilibrium
  • Helps the mind cope with & manage stress better
  • Contains ingredients that support mental & physical relaxation for a better night's sleep
  • Contains synergistic ingredients to help calm the mind & mental chatter
  • Supports natural melatonin synthesis for more restful sleep
  • Is a vegetarian formula in SLS-free vegetarian capsules
  • Is physician formulated & used by doctors for well over a decade
  • Is made in the USA

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